Laura of Page & Plate

That's me. Cooking. 

Welcome, welcome, welcome!

Here are some things about me that you should know:

  1. I cook all the time. The chance that I follow a recipe exactly are slim to none. One notable exception is the recipe for Baker's One Bowl Brownies. Because, hello, you don't screw with perfection.

  2. I read. A lot. I try to keep a healthy mix of fiction, non-fiction, memoir, cookbooks, essays, and Harry Potter, and I always need suggestions for what's next. 

  3. I am mom to two totally neurotic cats, Kitty and Daily. I love them so much I have paid more for their medical bills since my graduation than mine. This is a fact that worries me a little bit, but ultimately, I feel good about.

  4. I love going new places and finding new restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and bookstores at those new places.

This blog is all about finding the recipes that are worth your time to cook, books worth reading, and trips worth taking. Because let’s face it: we’re all busy, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be well fed and well read.