An estranged father decides to rejoin his family by any means necessary, prompting an exploration of the fate that has befallen the rest of his clan.


WOW. I mean, I knew I loved the movie. And I knew Wes Anderson was a genius. And I knew I loved Owen Wilson for more than just his cheesy “wow!”s. But reading this screenplay deepened all of that love and even tossed in a little dash of respect on top of it.

Despite having taken screenwriting classes in college, I’ve never thought as hard about a screenplay as I did this one while I was reading it. It’s one of, if not the, perfect example of how the screenplay makes the movie. The timing, cuts, and pacing of the movie (which make it as great as it is!) are all here in the blueprints, and I had no idea. It’s honestly mind-blowing.

The characters are quirky and cute, the dialogue is smart and witty, and the plot is winning. Just do it.


If you love the movie, reading the screenplay is a must. If you haven’t seen the movie, read this first, then RUN to your nearest place you watch movies and check this one out. Find the screenplay here and the movie here.

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