A father haunted both by the disappearance of his own daughter and by a yet-unsolved kidnapping case he worked over a decade ago navigates his role in the local police force and another active kidnapping case.


I thought this novel was brilliantly written, and I immensely enjoyed reading it. What I had trouble with, however, was its branding as a true crime novel. Because it is not a true crime novel. It is a novel that breathtakingly unfolds a painstaking drama in a local police department. It was hard for me to separate the expectations that I had for the book from the actual experience.

All that yammering aside, I did enjoy reading it. Six Four was different than anything I've ever read, and I really enjoyed how deeply emotional the story got. It was evocative, poetic, and visceral. Give it a read only if you've got the time (and emotional capacity) to read a 500 page book like that.


For the dedicated fans of political dramas, this novel will shine. For the true crime enthusiast, this will be underwhelming.