The plot of this book is you learning how to cook like a BEAST.


Let me first disclose that I am incredibly obsessed with Samin Nosrat at this point in my life. So any hope you have of getting an unbiased review is totally out the window at this point. 

This book is THE cookbook for anyone who's ever thought "psh, I don't need to salt my pasta water" or wondered why in the name of god searing meat before you braise it matters. Or anyone who read that last sentence and then screamed à la Phoebe Buffay, THAT IS BRAND NEW INFORMATION. Video for reference. 

This book breaks cooking down to the simplest elements and then builds it back up again to three-course meals, and it does it all with a sense of humor, encouragement, and sass. What more could you want, honestly? 

OH WAIT, I KNOW. Maybe you could want adorable and informative infographics and sketches of different ways to cut food. Well, guess what? This book has that too, thanks to Wendy MacNaughton. 

Even if you already know how to cook or if you think you hate it, you need this book in your life to tell you why you cook the way you do or how wrong you are.


If this is the only book you buy this year, I would accept that somewhat gracefully. If it's the only cookbook you read in your life, you'll get by just fine.