This memoir by Patricia Lockwood is about growing up in a family with a Catholic priest for a dad and so much more. 


By about page 20, this book had skyrocketed to the top of my list for the year. Lockwood's tale of moving back in with her parents and re-examining her unusual upbringing made me cry from laughter, then from shock when faced with her stark and honest passages about struggling with depression and religion. 

I've never read a book that more perfectly managed to capture the before / after perspective on religion. Beyond Lockwood's unique angle, having a priest for a father, she eloquently and hilariously paints a portrait of what religion means to a teenage girl that I found easy to relate to and painfully familiar. The strongest parts of Priestdaddy were the scenes in which she looks back on believing and then examines her present day beliefs and those of the people around her.

Sporting a cast of characters too wild not to exist, Priestdaddy lovingly tells the story of a crazy, totally-screwed up childhood and family life -- not an easy task, especially when you're writing about your family. Lockwood's transparency and honesty regarding this very subject were, for me, the most engaging parts of this book, and were what took this memoir from good to FANTABULOUSLY AMAZING in my mind.


Everyone should read this because everyone will get something different from this book. 10/10.