One lucky bastard, Matt Goulding, travels around Italy eating, drinking, and living his best life, so that the rest of us can read about his experiences with deep jealousy. Or something.


Pasta Pane Vino is, in many ways, my favorite book I ever have or ever will read. I've never been to Italy, but I feel so passionately about its people, places, and edible things that I sometimes cry when we watch food and travel shows about it. If this doesn’t make sense to you, that’s okay. I can’t really make sense of it either. And this book, to nobody’s surprise, was no exception to this rule.

The way that Goulding examines the culture through the food and makes such an important connection between the two is one that I really, really love and believe in. Understanding food is the first step to understanding culture, and after reading Goulding's book, goddamn do I understand Italy. I love that he chose regions beyond just Rome and Venice to explore. I love that he opened my eyes to the true meaning of cucina povera in a way that makes it historical and not just trendy.

The amount of detail he pours into every page is impressive. Really impressive. Even if he does compare hills to boobs one too many times for my liking.


If you care about Italy or food or travel or me at all, read this book, then call me to chat.