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Arcadia (Again), Ramen (Finally), and Weather

Arcadia (Again), Ramen (Finally), and Weather

I just want to warn you that you're about to read a post that mostly focuses on weather. If you don't want to hear about my old-man-like obsession, skip to the links and be gone with you.

I love checking the weather. I pride myself on knowing how many inches of rain we're going to get and when it's going to come and how likely it is that I need my umbrella buried on the bottom of my bag, and there's no greater pleasure in my meteorological career than asking Alexa what the weather is today and scoffing when I know more than her. 

I also love most weather in general. Rain is great, snow is better, and sunshine is happiness. Where I have issues though, is with all of this wishy-washy back and forth. This weekend, it was sunny and warm enough that I could run outside (!). Last night, it was sleeting sideways and covering everything with ice. Today, it's raining and in the high 30s. 


What's a girl to cook in weather like that? Certainly not pot pie or stew, because those are things for winter, and it's basically spring (right?). And serving up some fish tacos with margaritas seems a bit aggressive while there's still a snowflake on my weather map. Solution: ramen. Warm and comforting enough to get you through the cold spells and fresh and light enough to feel like a spring indulgence, ramen sits happily on the fence between seasonal eating trends and makes for the perfect March meal. 

Accompanying it in evergreen status is another book called Arcadia, this time by Fates and Furies author Lauren Groff, which I got for sale at the absolutely incredible Unabridged Books. Pro tip: there is never a wrong weather in which to buy books. Check both out, and let me know what you're reading and eating in this strange, limbo weather.

Happy International Women's Day!

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