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Broccolini Bar Food Sandwich, The Disaster Artist, and Good Food to Watch With

Broccolini Bar Food Sandwich, The Disaster Artist, and Good Food to Watch With

Honestly, what is it about watching other humans expel athletic effort that makes you so hungry? I speak specifically, at least for the purposes of this blog post, of the Olympics, which make me so hungry I could eat a whole block of cheese by myself. Is it that I know how many chicken nuggets Michael Phelps eats to keep up with his caloric needs? Is it that I expend a ton of energy wishing I could manage to get on and off the train with a third of the effort it takes for Chloe Kim to conquer the halfpipe?

Whatever the answer, I am always starving while I watch the Olympics. And if we're watching at any number of bars around the good city of Chicago, I'm often disappointed by the options available to me as a vegetarian. I don't want a salad. I don't want just fries. I want greasy bar food that makes me feel gross in an hour. (I also would just like to shout out to Bad Apple, which is my single favorite bar at which to down some 10/10 vegetarian comfort food.) (They are also having an amazing deal right now. Also what a pun!) (This is not an ad; I just genuinely love them enough to share it.)

veggie bar food .jpg

Lucky for me, Bon Appétit came to the rescue with this amazing broccolini bar food sandwich that they got from Chef Mike Solomonov of Philadelphia's Rooster Soup Co. This sandwich is LIFE CHANGING. It's cheesy, saucy, toasted, roasted, and dare I say, noteventhatbadforyou? 

I'm just saying, as far as what to eat while watching the premiere athletes of the world burn more calories than I probably ever have in my life, this is a quality choice. Also, it's crazy easy. Restaurants of Chicago and beyond, take note!

It would probably be well-consumed while reading (or even watching, I guess, grumble grumble) The Disaster Artist, which may actually give you a workout from how much you laugh while reading it.

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