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Chicken Adobo, Zone One, and Keeping Life Spicy

Chicken Adobo, Zone One, and Keeping Life Spicy

I don't like stories about humanity being wiped out by a plague, okay? I can barely handle when someone on the same train car as me has a raging cough. I have enough Purrell on my desk to dress down a large barn. I have been told by not one but two doctors that I'm a little oversensitive about getting sick.

All that considered, I really loved Colson Whitehead's Zone One. It was such a compelling read to me -- not just because of the zombies, which, admittedly, were amazingly written, but because of the slow build of the plot and the ultimate climax. It's so good. Ah!

Adobo and Zone One.jpg

Also in the so good ah! category: this recipe for Chicken Adobo, a dish that I never would have tried in a million years if I had been out at a restaurant. Turns out, I love that too. Spicy, salty, full of flavor and character, it's a knockout choice for dinner. Also, it's highly likely that this dish is probably a great preventative measure that will flush toxins out of your system so you don't get sick.* Grab some chicken adobo, grab some zombie lit from a literal genius, and get home so you don't catch whatever everyone is coughing around in the office.

*This is not true. I made it up. And you should get a flu shot.**

**I am not joking. You're not going to get the flu from a flu shot. It's not a live vaccine! Just do it!

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