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Way Back When

Way Back When

There was a time in my life when I refused to read anything but historical fiction. I cannot confirm or deny how long this phase lasted, but let's just say it could be used to explain my lack of friends from fifth to ninth grade. Particularly, I was taken with Ann Rinaldi, who wrote stories about fictional girls my age in the context of factual, historical events. I am confident that I read every single book she published, and I loved every single one of them. 


Hyde Park, Chicago

As I grew up and out of this phase, historical fiction became a thing of the past, until a few weeks ago when I made my first ever trip to Hyde Park. No visit to a new part of town is complete without checking out the bookstores, and we found ourselves in 57th Street Books. Colin wandered away in the fantasy section, and a book called Twain & Stanley Enter Paradise caught my eye. The picturesque cover, as well as the 'Pulitzer-Prize Winning Author' sticker made me pick it up, and here I am a few weeks later, getting into the first historical fiction book I've read in a while. 

Work's been going late, so I also dug one of my mom's classic and easy recipes out of the archives, completing my transformation into a decades-old version of myself. My nostalgia always peaks in the fall, so it's fitting that I'm reading a long-forgotten genre and cooking long-forgotten meals. Long-forgotten or not, it's all just as good as I remember. 

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