Gift Basket

Gift Basket

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Sick and tired of seeing all of these delicious recipes go by and not being able to taste them? Not anymore! The Page & Plate Baking Basket is delivered to you with pre-made treats from my favorite recipes (sweet or savory, up to you), baking mixes that are easy to make yourself (or re-gift, we don’t judge), and some fun kitchen tools to help you become a better baker.

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Here are some ground rules:

  • If you are allergic to ANYTHING, you are responsible for letting me know before I ship you a basket of goods from Page & Plate, LLC. 
  • There will be seasonal array of goods that have been selected for each basket. If you would like substitutions, we can talk, but please be aware that you may incur extra costs.
  • I cannot ship to PO boxes.
  • Page & Plate, LLC is not responsible for any damage that the baskets incur during shipping.
  • You must order this A MINIMUM of seven days before you would like it to be delivered.