In a series of short stories that pack an emotional, fiery punch, Ivelisse Rodriguez paints a picture of a generation lost in love.


I wasn't sure what to expect from this collection, but from page one, I absolutely fell in love with Rodriguez's writing and the characters she created. It didn't feel like I was reading a short story; it felt like I was voyeur-ing my way through real people in real situations. 

All of the stories felt familiar enough that Rodriguez didn't have to waste too much time getting us caught up in how a reader should feel in this moment. Instead, she was free to jump in and make us feel using emotions already captured in us. My favorite story was the truly brilliant "The Simple Truth," which reads like a diary entry from the best writer in the world.


A quick, beautiful, painfully poignant read. Grab a copy for you and for your best friend.

Feminist Press provided a copy of Love War Stories to Page & Plate for the purposes of this independent review.