Lotto and Mathilde get married just shy of graduating college. This book follows their marriage -- the good, the bad, and the unsaid -- throughout the next few decades.


In the interest of full disclosure, I have already extensively discussed this book with my brand new feminist book club and my virtual book club (you know who you are). And while opinions vastly differed, there's one thing I can say for Fates and Furies: people have some serious feels when it comes to this book. 

So here's what I thought: overall, I enjoyed it. It was another one of those books that I read really fast because I was into where the story was going. I thought that the structure was really smart, and I loved the writing. I really liked the story's arc, and I especially liked the way that Lauren Groff kept secrets from us as the reader.

Here's what I didn't like: I hated Lotto's character. I feel like he had a horrible case of one demensionality (a word I just made up but is now real) in that he was a white man who got really lucky a lot. And that was it. I also hated that there were so, so many allegories and mythological stories built into the story I was reading. It was, at first, quite dramatic, but as it went on, it became duller and duller until I found myself not even trying to make the connections because I was so over it.

Would I read it again? Yes. Would I binge-watch the HBO mini-series? Hell yes. Would I recommend to a friend? Most definitely, if only to hear what they have to say about it.


Everyone has lots of thoughts and feelings about this book, whether good or bad. Give it a read, and find out where you stand.