Turns out, what you don't know about butter could fill a book. This one. 


Before you get any further, allow me to offer you a disclaimer: I LOVE butter. I love butter so much it has brought some of my friendships to the brink of ruin (you know who you are). I love butter so much that if you give me a slice of a baguette and some butter, I will probably scoop so much butter on my bread, you might be concerned that I think butter is a dip. So yeah, this book pretty much had me sold as soon as I picked it up (which I did in my mom's house, having just brought it there as a Christmas present from Colin. Pro-tip: get your boyfriend to buy your mom books you want to read.). 

Beyond just fostering my ever-stronger love for butter, this book was stuffed to the brim with new #factsaboutbutter that kind of blew my mind. I won't spoil them here, but I will spoil the fact that author Elaine Khosrova's background as a pastry chef and food writer makes this book one that any foodie will devour (LOL). Her wide-ranging and skillful reporting elevates butter beyond an ingredient and makes it a lifestyle, which I can really get behind. At some points, her voice is almost too present in the text, but I came to see that as a consequence of her deep passion for butter, which again, I can really relate to. 


If you love butter half as much as I do, you should have already read this book.