A Detroit cop is handed a very weird, very unsettling murder case just as her daughter decides it’s time to pursue being as difficult and teenager-y as possible and a millennial blogger (god, don’t you hate them?) shows up to find his next big break. Then, more murder.


I was not expecting to like this book as much as I did. I’m working on getting more comfortable with horror as a genre in books as well as on the big screen, and this was a great read to push me towards the daunting task awaiting me when I finally get comfortable enough (reading It).

There were parts of this book that were roll-my-eyes cliche, and they weren’t even in the horrific parts — just the run of the mill dialogue and everyday rising action. Especially in the scenes starring Layla the teenager, author Lauren Beukes seems to lose touch with reality and fall back on what sounds like outtakes from flashbacks in a FRIENDS episode. That same out of touch with reality vibe comes in handy though, when she narrates from the murderer’s point of view, and it works really well here, as one might expect of a murderous, definitely insane madman.

In fact, for me, Beukes’s crowning achievement was her deft handling of so many points of view. When they finally came together in the same place for the first time, the book got to another level and hooked me in even further.


Definitely a very creepy and timely Hallo-read. (Can I trademark that?)