The first black officer of the Colorado Springs Police Department works on one of the craziest cases ever: infiltrating the KKK.


I committed a cardinal sin here and saw the movie first. *cringes* I know, I know. But, in my defense, it did not replace me reading this book. In fact, it encouraged me to buy it! And I don’t really feel guilty because the book and the movie were two very different experiences.

Let me clarify: both told a great story. Both made me laugh and made me groan over how far we HAVEN’T come since Ron Stallworth’s days as an undercover cop. And I would watch / read both again. So, all good things okay?!

The book is a great foil to the movie, which is, of course, very dramatized and Spike Lee’d. Stallworth provides the nitty-gritty details about the legal and personal risks that he and his fellow officers took to protect the town of Colorado Springs from a group of dangerous, albeit bumbling, domestic terrorists. Stallworth’s conversational writing style and matter-of-fact narration takes this memoir from a story on the page to an adventure that plays out in his voice.

It’s so good. So fascinating. Just read it.


Worth a read. Worth a watch. Worth a rec to a friend!