Guinness Cupcakes, Ireland, and IRELAND

"What kind of crazy person doesn't post a recipe for Guinness cupcakes on St. Patrick's Day?" you ask. "ME BECAUSE I SAVED THEM FOR AN EVEN BETTER OCCASION WHICH IS ABOUT ME AND NOT A DEAD SAINT, YA LOSER!" I reply, totally calm and not at all over-caffeinated*. 

 The Washed Out Scherb Children Drink Guinnesses (Guinessi?)

The Washed Out Scherb Children Drink Guinnesses (Guinessi?)

The better occasion (obviously, because today's book is literally sub-titled Small-Town Itineraries for the Foodie Traveler) is that we're going to Ireland! And by we, I mean Colin and I! Not me and you, reader! Sorry! Although wasn't that clear? MOVING ON.** I went there last year for a way-too-fast four day visit with the bro (who had just finished a whole semester abroad there) and the sis (who had just finished freshman year finals, just as exciting), and it was great but, as mentioned, way-too-fast.

So, in honor of our impending trip, I baked Guinness cupcakes (and no, this post was not sponsored by Guinness, no matter how it may look) for you to also make, INCLUDING a video yay, and now I'm asking YOU for advice. We're spending time in Dingle, Galway, and, of course, Dublin. What should we do? What shouldn't we do? Where's the best place to grab a pint? WHERE SHOULD WE EAT?!  Don't let me down, people. 

Ireland (!) and Guinness Cupcakes

*I am so over-caffeinated that you wouldn't believe it.