Cake Intervention Sunday

Hi, it's me, your friendly neighborhood cake icing video addict! And Instagram cake stalker. And just like ... generally very into cake human being. Am I the only one with major FOMO (fear of missing out, it was a thing like three years ago, people) from that GORGEOUS WEDDING CAKE? I'm sorry that I just linked to People, but god, THAT CAKE. I mean, yeah, so happy for them, whatever, but I want. that. cake. I don't even like lemon flavored things but LOOK AT IT. I need cake. Now. Or, in Michael Scott-isms:

So here I am, on a Sunday, just a blogger, laying on my couch, putting some cake recipes together and asking an audience to bake them. (Did you guys know that quote I just totally ripped off in the worst way was from Notting Hill? I would've put money on it being from Say Anything. I have never seen either of these movies.) 

Go forth and eat. some. cake. 

And finally, lest we forget, the ultimate chocolate cake with mocha mascarpone icing: CLOSE CALL BIRTHDAY CAKE