Granola for #gograyinmay!

It's here! May! 85 degree weather! Good god I forgot how much I sweat when it's not freezing.

Welcome to cooking for #gograyinmay! A few weeks ago, my aunt approached me about partnering with her non-profit TakeTHATTumor for Brain Tumor Awareness Month to provide healthy, delicious, easy-to-whip-up recipes that fit any lifestyle. As a lover of those recipes, and a lover of my aunt and her work with T3, I said yes (actually, it was probably something more like OOOOOOO, I love that! YESSSSS). 

So here's recipe one: granola. It's simple. It's easy. It takes an hour to bake, but you only have about five minutes of actual, hands-on work. And best of all, the end result is a spoonful of healthy goodness without all of the added sugar and junk. Go! Cook! Support! Wear gray!