Nutella Banana Bread, Friendship Bread, and Building Foundations

My understanding of buildings, construction, and even sandcastles is limited at best, but I've had a hand in too many failed cakes not to understand the importance of a solid foundation. (See the near disaster that was my birthday cake this year as exhibit one.) But today, we're all about those solid foundations.

 Just so much drool.

Just so much drool.

The recipe of the day is an updated take on Mammaw's classic, constant banana bread recipe: Nutella banana bread. DROOL FACE EMOJI. Also, real talk: Mammaw is a goddess, and if you had tried to tell me that this recipe could be improved simply by adding such an extra, millennial ingredient, I would have slapped you. But having eaten probably about half of this loaf since it came out of the oven, my stance has softened. Do stances soften? I don't even know, but the point stands: there's nothing wrong with building on the solid foundation of a classic recipe to make a sexy, updated fave.

I actually got the idea from today's book, Friendship Bread by Darien Gee. In the book, her characters use the original recipes to make a bunch of crazy loaves, and I was very about it. I was also about how everything really worked out for everyone in a way that was so relieving it was almost shocking. (I'm experiencing Game of Thrones again as Colin watches for the first time, and it's traumatizing me.) Check out the review, and let me know what you think! 

The moral of today's post is that as long as you have a good foundation, you can add Nutella for anything. Right? Right.

Page & Plate Note: Darien Gee provided a copy of Friendship Bread to me for the purposes of this independently written review. The views expressed here are mine and mine alone. Want to see your name and book here? Email me at to talk shop!