Spicy Polenta Plate, The Nix, and Other Things That Are Stuffed

I'm a big fan of the simple things in life. Plain chocolate. A straightforward novel about a journey. Macaroni and cheese. Kids' movies. But there are times in life that call for something a little more complicated than that, and folks, today's post caters to those moments. 

When I picked up The NixI did so with zero idea of what it was about, whether it was a popular book, or even who Nathan Hill was (still unsure on that last part, TBH). My only lead was the kind of political cover that may or may not have led me to believe it was a biography of Nixon. Thank god I was wrong. (I mean, obviously I was wrong.) Instead, I found a book that portrayed a young woman determined to make a difference, her son trying to make sense of the world, and the spirit that followed their family from Norway.

There's a lot here: politics (but no Nixon), family drama, employment struggles, you name it. But instead of making for a fuzzy focus, it all builds to craft a novel that will hold your interest and capture your feels.

Similarly, so will this spicy polenta plate, which is somewhere in between soup, sauce, and gumbo. And if it's as disgusting as it is in Chicago where you are now, you'll need a dish that's comforting yet exciting, spicy yet creamy, and healthy yet just a little bad for you tonight.