Grown Up Pop Tarts, Two Sides, Three Rivers, and Stuff You Know You Love

Before you start reading, just know that I'm very high on the fact that the sun is shining, it's almost Friday, and I've had a pretty great week. There will be lots of exclamation points and excitement. You've been warned...

OKAY. The first thing I'm excited about is today's book, Two Sides, Three Rivers by Sharon Dilworth. It is so very super special and extra exciting for me to review this book because Sharon was my thesis advisor throughout my senior year of college. Naturally, she not only helped me become a better writer, but also ended up counseling me on searching for jobs, navigating senior year, and recognizing the value in a nice, big glass of wine. She is one of my idols, in writing and in life, and all of that was totally reaffirmed by this collection of short stories. She is a brilliant writer, and I hope you order her book (published by Bridge & Tunnel Books, a Pittsburgh publishing house!) and enjoy it and marvel at her incredible talent.

Two Sides, Three Rivers and Grown Up Pop Tarts

I'm also excited (or just over-caffeinated, both are possible) about the grown up pop tarts that Colin and I made this week. I was not a lover of Pop-Tarts, but I can definitely get behind this adult version that could technically be called a hand pie. I guess. But isn't grown up pop tart so much more fun!? Yep! We're done here. 

These are two things you owe it to yourself to read about, trust me. And now, me and my giddiness are going for a nice long run around the City to burn off some of this energy.