Carrot Top Pesto, The Idiot, and Refreshing Classics

As anyone who has ever talked to me, like, probably ever, knows, I'm a big fan of The Office. I've seen it the whole way through probably 15 times, and if I have the remote and 20 minutes, that's what we're watching. My family and I started watching the show in high school after my brother showed us the fire drill episode (iconic), and I've never looked back. It's gotten me far in life, from forming the foundation of friendships to providing perfect reaction gifs for literally any scenario. Yes, it's just a TV show, but no, it's actually more than that: it's my lifestyle. 

This week I read a fabulous article in Rolling Stone celebrating the tenth anniversary of an all-time favorite episode, "The Dinner Party." It's a great article, well-worth the read, and it made me look at an old classic episode in new light, which was both cool, touching, and alarming because I realized I know the episode by heart. And yes, I one hundred percent made Colin watch it with me that night and pause it every three seconds to tell him some new trivia. I'm great to hang out with.

The Idiot and Carrot Top Pesto: Two Classics with a Different Spin

And speaking of revamping old classics, go grab those carrot greens you thought you were going to throw away and use them instead to give pesto a new zing. This pesto is the besto. Yes, I went there. Then you can go read a book called The Idiot that isn't the one written by Fyodor Dostoyevsky. It's written by a really talented woman called Elif Batuman. Everyone is winning here. Also, here is another gif because you can't talk about a book called The Idiot without talking about Dwight.