Moroccan Meatballs, The Broom of the System, and Head Fakes

Smiling through the pain.

You think you know what's coming and then BLAMO, something unexpected hits you right in the face. Great example: you decide to sign up for the All Community Events Chi Town Half Marathon in December, knowing that spring will be blooming in full force by April. Then BLAMO, here comes reality: there's a windchill of 10, and you still have to run 13.1 miles! Classic!

True story, folks. But! We triumphed despite the weather, then spent the rest of the day defrosting with Game of Thrones and BIG & littles tacos. Life was good. Our legs were not. Still aren't. We will live.

Allow me to back up a few days, though, to the week before the race. With nights crammed with dreadful treadmill (HAH rhyme) appointments but a very real need for carbs, a quick and easy spaghetti was sounding good. Alas, the catch: I've been on a make-my-own-noodles kick, and we had no pasta in the house or time to make it. So instead, we made this delicious Moroccan meatballs dinner instead. Looks like plain Jane spaghetti and meatballs, but tastes a lot more exciting. 

David Foster Wallace's Broom of the System and Moroccan Meatballs

Speaking of looking like one thing but being another (it's so amazing how these things always end up going so well together, isn't it?), check out The Broom of the System by none other than David Foster Wallace of Infinite Jest fame. "Him?" you say to me skeptically, prompting me to think of this scene from Arrested Development. "Again? I thought you didn't even finish his other book." You're exactly right, jerk. But I finished this one! Go find out why.