Olive Oil Plum Cake, My Life in France, and Other Things to Bask In

Today's post is full of things so good they almost make me tear up because they're just so satisfying and wonderful. I realize that might sound crazy, but hear me out: olive oil plum cake and My Life in France.

 I mean, just. Wow.

I mean, just. Wow.

Julia Child is a true gem (which Colin says is something that nobody my age says anymore), and there is no greater proof of than this book. The only reason it took me more than a day to get through was because at some points I would become so emotionally involved with how desperately I wanted to be learning about food in France that my heart would start to physically ache and my eyes would tear up on their own accord. Then you have this cake, and when it's warm and right out of the oven, the plums are so soft and steamy that they're basically jam, and you take a bite and it's lemon-y (thanks to Old Town Oil), moist, and light, and everything is beautiful. (Oh, and also there is a video.)

I'm telling you guys. Recipe for a perfect Sunday right there.  

Speaking of perfect Sundays, last Sunday, I saw my fellow CMU graduate, Haley, who's working on a great project called Tense Humanity which will consist of "doodles, illustrator scribblings, and words re: tech, design, systems thinking, and their many relations." Check it out on Instagram or on Medium , and enjoy her beautiful brain!

Page & Plate Note: Old Town Oil gave me a sampler pack of olive oil and vinegar to use for recipe testing and the purposes of this review. Thanks, Old Town Oil!