Sausage and Fennel Risotto, The Forger's Spell, and Friendly Motivation

In case you've missed the crazy Instagramming or my real-life-in-person rants, I'm in a book club, and I am very into it, for most of the reasons you would expect (books, wine, food, friends) and a few that you wouldn't. "What things I wouldn't expect?" you ask. Glad you asked! Here's a blog post about it.

 Our book club is better than yours.

Our book club is better than yours.

Something special happens when you have people pushing you to think harder about something you thought you believed. Obviously, this is usually about the book (check out the Fates & Furies post to see just how contentious things get), but sometimes, it makes you consider other non-book club items in the same kind of light. 

"Examples?" you ask. Glad you asked! Allow me to present you with a dish and a book that I was motivated to think harder about as a result of people in my life: sausage and fennel risotto and The Forger's Spell. Food first, shall we? 

Fennel is a vegetable that I believed was impossible to make well unless you were a chef in a very expensive French restaurant. And even then, I secretly wondered if it could really be that good. I mean ... notes of licorice? In a vegetable? I don't even like that in candy. But it turns out (upon discussion with a fellow cook) that I was really just a little hesitant about cooking it because I didn't know how to cut it. I googled it, the internet presented me with an answer, and now I'm funky for fennel (t-shirts coming soon to a store near you). Boom. Done.

Also on the list of things that I had to be gently coerced into loving is non-fiction, which I believe many of you know by now, is not a genre I spend a lot of time exploring. But after about two years of gentle reminders from my mother about how good The Forger's Spell was, I finally picked it up and devoured it like she promised I would. 

End of story: join a book club, have your view challenged, cook fennel. 

Fennel Risotto and The Forger's Spell.jpg