Old Town Oil, AKA Narnia, and Slow Roasted Salmon

A few weekends back, I got off the plane from Florida and was immediately bummed out that it wasn't 80 and sunny. So I hopped off the train at the Sedgwick station and made my way over to Old Town Oil, suitcase in hand, in search of something delicious to brighten my day. 

AND BOY OH BOY DID I FIND IT. In fact, I found about 25 somethings because who knew there were so many flavors with which to infuse cold-pressed, extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar? I didn't. At least, not until I stopped in the Old Town location, met Jess, and became a fully sentient human olive oil and vinegar taster. (Oh, yeah, and you can taste in the store.)

 Christmas came early! Late? It doesn't matter! Yay!

Christmas came early! Late? It doesn't matter! Yay!

Old Town Oil, run by a Chicagoland family who knows their stuff, is all about helping you see the potential in your olive oil and vinegar collection (yes, I now have a collection, and yes, I am so totally okay with that). They know more about olive oil than I know about all kinds of oil combined. They can help you find the perfect housewarming gifts for your friends who are #adulting and moving, the perfect pairing for that way too expensive cheese you just bought at Eataly (this is what happens when you drink and shop at the same time), and they can tell you what kind of olive oil gift box says "Hey, boss. Happy holidays. I'm intriguing, I'm trustworthy, and I have a lot to offer you in the future."

You guys, it's heaven. And you know what's even better? They have an online store. They ship. And if you use my discount code PP15 either online or in the store between now and July, you'll get, uhm, a discount (discount code = discount, duh). So you now have no excuse. GO. SHOP. LEARN. Make this slow roasted salmon using that gorgeous grapefruit balsamic. Everyone wins.

Old Town Oil Grapefruit Balsamic Slow Roasted Salmon.JPG

Page & Plate Note: Old Town Oil gave me a sampler pack of olive oil and vinegar to use for recipe testing and the purposes of this review. Thanks, Old Town Oil!