Close Call Birthday Cake

For my birthday this year, I was determined to make my own cake. I mean, come on. I'm in the throes of establishing my very own little food blog. What kind of fledgling food blogger would I be if I didn't make my own cake?*

While there was a teensy tiny little meltdown mid-cake assembly that may or may not have been about my turning 24 and still being tragically unable to make and frost a cake successfully, it all turned out okay. The cake was delicious. I ate it every night for a week after. Life went on. @ Colin, you were right.

All of that aside, here is the video that I made of the process (and tears) using the brand new C-stand camera holder thingy! I'm very excited about unveiling yet another platform from which I can shout into the void about food and books, and I am fully appreciative of the fact that the quality of this video reflects that of a beginner. I will get better, I hope. Special shout out to Mackenzie for coming over for dinner and then letting me text her late at night to ask questions about Premiere. Enjoy!

*a sane one