SOUPer Bowl Week, Part I

If the Steelers aren't playing, I could care less about the Super Bowl. My one caveat to that is that I HATE the Patriots. And seeing them lose on Sunday preeeettty much made my week. My petty hatred aside, that is not the kind of Super Bowl we are discussing here on Page & Plate this week. This week, we're talking about soup, because guys it was -5 this morning, we're getting more snow tonight, and soup is all I want to eat while I curl up with a book and watch the blizzard unfold (and Tom Brady lose -- ok, I'm done, really).

Soup number one of the week is this beautiful, vibrant leek green soup. Did I get made fun of when I brought it in for work? You betcha. Did that stop me from eating it three days in a row? Nope. Here's what I have to say about the color of this soup: the color comes from fresh vegetables and brings with it a punch of flavor and, dare I say, spring. If I have to eat something green to get some super tasty nutrients in my body while living in a frozen tundra, I'm going to do it. And really, honestly, it's just so, so good.

You should make a batch while you sink into the equally vibrant and beautiful Little Fires Everywhere by verified genius Celeste Ng. I'm talking a life-changing read here, people. Also, for the official record, I'm angry that I got this far without being forced to read it. If something this good is out in the universe, I need it. Read it, eat, enjoy. Souper Bowl Part I = accomplished.

leek green soup and little fires everywhere.jpg