Chocolate Souffle, The Twelve Lives of Samuel Hawley, and Spontaneity

A wise woman once said "The best things in life are not planned." That woman was actually a Dove Milk Chocolate Wrapper. Mind. Blown. 

I love planning, as previously discussed, but recently I've been trying to embrace spontaneity more because sometimes,  as many to do lists and meal plans as you make, there are some nights when you really need a chocolate cake and you're going to do anything necessary to make sure that you acquire one. And sometimes, that means realizing you don't have time to make a cake, trudging to the closest World Market after work, buying a mismatched set of ramekins and a bar of dark chocolate, and whipping up chocolate souffles just five minutes before your guest is due for dinner (more on that later -- Friday probs?).

souffle and 12 lives of samuel hawley.jpg

Sometimes it means stopping with a car full of groceries at your favorite neighborhood book store (@ Roscoe Books, lookin' at you) and grabbing The Twelve Lives of Samuel Hawley, which you promised yourself you were going to wait and get out of the library and that you definitely didn't plan on buying. Oops.

"Now, spontaneously hop on over to the review and recipe to get the updated spur of the moment plan for your evening together!" Dove Milk Chocolate Wrapper out.