Honey peach tart, You and I Eat the Same, and the holidaze begins

As I walked to work this morning IN THE SNOW and watched a worker wrestle with what seemed like 100 feet of wiring to attach a neon blue snowflake to a streetlight, it hit me that I’m really, really behind in my holiday preparation this year. Normally by this time, I have most of my gifts figured out, plane tickets booked, and a list of recipes to try that’s rapidly approaching a mile long.

This year, not so much. Maybe it’s because I’ve been so wonderfully busy. Maybe it’s because it’s snowing on November 9, which is giving me pre-holiday anxiety even earlier. Maybe it’s because I’m losing my touch, and I need to just accept a new baseline. But, whatever it is, I’m buckling down on baking and list-making and avoiding unintentional rhymes the whole time. Wait. Crap.

As I think just about everyone knows at this point, I detest pumpkin pie. The fact that it shows up at not only one but two holiday tables in the months of November and December is deeply upsetting to me. Instead, you should try this light, aromatic honey peach (or pear or apple) tart. Sure, it’s great for summer, but throw a dash of cinnamon in, and who’s to say it doesn’t belong on the harvest table? Nobody, that’s who. Nobody puts pie in a corner, guys.

If you’re looking to get the cook (or baker or foodie or just good eater) in your life a book about food this year, I’d recommend going straight to the source of everything cool, sustainable, delicious, and exciting happening in the food world right now and checking out the first book from MAD Symposium that’s all about how food brings us together. It’s amazing. I can’t wait for the second. Everyone on my list should probably expect to get a copy if I can’t get a good list of other things to buy them in the next few days. Just kidding. Kind of.

That’s all for now, but check back periodically for more holiday recipes or gift recommendations. Or just to see how the volume of my hair is doing. That’s usually a good indicator of the stress I’m under. Gulp.