Page & Plate Plugs: Next of Kin edition

Welcome to a new thing! This new thing (like, this post, as in you’re reading it right now) is called Page & Plate Plugs, and it’s kind of obvious that it’s going to be all about places around town at which I enjoy eating, drinking, and obnoxiously photographing everything. As in, I plug them. Get it? Okay cool, here we go.

Last week, I had an AMAZING time shooting the new brunch menu at Next of Kin Evanston. I also had an amazing time EATING the new brunch menu at Next of Kin Evanston. And drinking, of course. Basically, all-around amazingness.

First off, let’s talk about the space: Next of Kin moved into a light-filled, unusually-shaped space in Evanston across from where I once worked (RIP, me) that most recently held Lyfe Kitchen, winner of the least popular choice for lunch for the entire office in my once workplace (again, RIP, me). They reimagined the entire space and started from scratch to create an atmosphere that perfectly matches the vibe of the place: an elevated eating experience that oozes cool.

Second, let’s talk food. And drink. I’m not usually a mocktail (aka juice) person, but the charcoal lemonade they had kind of blew my mind. As did the waffles (that syrup drip, though). And the avocado toast. And the … oh, man. Everything. Check out the gallery below for what you’re really after: the gorgeous pics. Then, head over to their site to nab a table. Or, you know, just run up to Evanston and grab a seat at their gorgeous bar and let the fabulous bartenders (also featured here as hand models) take care of you. Cheers!

Thanks to Next of Kin Evanston for having me in! Next of Kin Evanston did not pay for this review, but did give Page & Plate free meals and drink in exchange for the chance to photograph their product. All views expressed here are those of Page & Plate, LLC.