The End of the Holidaze

Well, here we are in the future. (Hardy har har.) So far, it's pretty flipping cold here. Like, way, way colder than I expected it to be. Between getting off the train and walking in the door to my office this morning, I was almost really crying (not just wind in my eyes tears) from how cold it was, how sad I was that the holidays are over, and how happy I was to be going back to work. One of those things is a lie. Shh.

It was a bummer to be sick over the holiday, but it did give me a chance to rest up a bit and not drive myself to exhaustion. That being said, here's a comprehensive list of things I cooked, ate, and read over break, most of which, full disclosure, you will read about in upcoming posts:

I also got to spend some quality time with my favorite pup, Holly, pictured below after consuming five treats so she would stay, and my favorite families. Overall, it was a swell time. But, as white girls say in Instagrams featuring them getting wasted with their high school BFFs, BACK AT IT! 

holly holiday.jpg