Early Morning at Evanston's Hewn Bakery

I am a creature of habit. It is not like me to spontaneously get off the train one stop early to see if the bakery I've been stalking online is open without checking. But a few lovely, 20 degree Friday mornings ago, I did just that. I know, right? I broke my routine. Earth-shattering. 

But when I could literally smell the bread baking as soon as I left the train station, and then when I walked in the fogged up door, and felt the heat from the ovens in Evanston's Hewn Bakery, a new routine was born. 

turkey red and cheddar and chive scone.jpg

I had read a lot about Hewn and the great care they take with choosing their grains and crafting their loaves, and the loaf of Turkey Red that I picked up that day was proof of all of that. The deep flavor and consistent crumb of the loaf made it the perfect mate to the bowl of soup I warmed up later that day at the office after I had finally defrosted from my painful walk there (barely half a mile, but that wind, yikes).

Because self-control is not my strong suit, I grabbed a scone as well. As a vegetarian, I'm often disappointed that the only options for savory scones are cheddar and bacon, so imagine my joy / elation / drool when I first tasted the cheddar and chive scone that Hewn served. When a classic pairing is done that well, you're guaranteed to make time in your morning routine to stop by that bakery again.

Hewn Bakery, 810 Dempster St., Evanston, IL 60202