Chocolate Chunk Shortbread Cookies, Under the Tuscan Sun, and Internet Musts

I am not one to go out of my way to follow a trend. My closet is full of the same clothes I wear every year, I cut my hair only when I feel antsy, and I have guaranteed not seen the movie you're going to try to describe to me. I've missed the last two Star Wars, and if you think I have the patience to sit and watch that much movie to become culturally fluent, you're very, very wrong.

cookies batch one.JPG

But. One of my food-journey idols, Alison Roman, former Milk Bar worker, ex-Bon App├ętit staffer, and current cookbook goddess / Insta goals recently published Dining In and by extension this recipe for chocolate chunk shortbread cookies. And then every freaking person I follow on Instagram made them and posted about how good they were. And then the pictures got even better. And tastier looking. And then I got sick and couldn't hang out with people on Christmas Eve Eve. So then this first batch happened. And my dad called them the best cookie he's ever had.

Then we moved! (Which is why it's taken me so long to read Under the Tuscan Sun). And I realized that our new neighbors are going to be stuck with us for the next 18 months. And that we occasionally go vacuum happy and have a six-pound kitten who gallops as if she weighs as much as me. And I figured that it was time for batch number two to happen. 

This recipe is just as good as the Internet says it is. Make them tonight; have neighbor friends for life. My new motto. Or it would be if I ever wanted to move again, which I don't. Plus why would we, given our neighbors hopefully love us? I hope.

cookies and under the tuscan sun.jpg