Holidaze Part I: Holiday Sparkle Bark and The Latke Who Couldn't Stop Screaming

I am a pro list maker. I make grocery lists that are organized by store layout, meal, and day of the week. I make gift-giving lists starting in October. I have a color-coded list for packing up apartments and moving. I am basically a human list. 

On my 'do this at some point before December flies by faster than an episode of The Office' list this year: find an easy recipe to share with friends and family besides limoncello, i.e., PURE VODKA which is not acceptable for everyone. Lucky for me, I stumbled upon a beautiful confectionery cookbook of my sister's, read through a recipe for tempered chocolate, was aghast at the time and effort it takes to temper chocolate, and decided to find another way to make candy.

holiday sparkle bark and the latke who couldn't stop screaming.jpg

Cue this easy recipe, which turns out beautiful dark chocolate-orange-hazelnut bark that I have called Holiday Sparkle Bark because I believe in fun. Other things I believe in (now) include the fact that Lemony Snicket could write a charming, quirky, off-beat holiday tale about latkes and the fact that you can get low-key carpal tunnel at age 23 from writing messages on Christmas cards for eight hours. 'TIS THE SEASON, WRIST BRACE. Oo, how cute would that look with tinsel on it? Anyway, time to go make another list of things to accomplish in the next five days. Items include finding and purchasing a fresh turkey from a local farmer, so suggestions are welcome!