Curried Acorn Squash, Skippy Dies, and Getting Things Over With

I've had two acorn squashes sitting on my counter, staring me in the face every time I walked in the kitchen, wobbling in my way as I tried to wipe down the counter, and taunting me with lack of inspiration. Every Sunday as I set up my grocery list and meal plan for the week, I've kind of half-heartedly googled "what do I do with sassy acorn squash," scrolling through endless pages of nothing, and giving up. I came very, very close to throwing them in the microwave and smothering them in butter and brown sugar like the good old days, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. 

I had all but resigned myself to making a dinner I wouldn't like, even with a weird recipe from a little place I like to call the New York Times Cooking Section involving the curry powder I bought at the Savory Spice Shop. Then, this dish happened

Curried Acorn Squash.jpg

And I can confidently say that acorn squash has been redeemed in my eyes. No longer are they the dweeby, useless little brother of the butternut. No longer will they be shoved into decorative baskets to slowly rot as December trudges on. No longer will I bowl them down my mother's backyard, pretending to be feeding the deer but really wishing I could get the kind of oomph I do with a squash in a bowling alley.

This dish is bold, flavorful, and full of all sorts of textures and flavors that you wouldn't expect from a simple squash. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm glad I decided to sauce that squash. My taste buds have been forever changed, and my garbage can at work will never smell the same. I got it over with, and I got got. 

I also got reading Skippy Dies by Paul Murray over with, and I'm all the happier for having crossed it off my list and for having read it, of course. 

Now if only I get in that mindset for Infinite Jest, my to do list would be perfectly empty.