Limoncello, Bossypants, and Feeling Extra

I am impatient. I have previously discussed this, and nobody was surprised. That is not what this post is about, BUT it helps explain why Colin and I celebrated our Christmas this past Sunday, December 10. (Which, actually is a personal record. Last year I gave him his birthday present a month early.) I digress: on Sunday night I opened a total game changer: an Amazon Portable Photo Studio.

It was hard to tell who was more excited, me or Daily, who was all over that photo booth like it had been previously used to store catnip. Seriously, she was obsessed. Which is also why I had to take a million pictures of her exploring it.  

Yeah, she's pretty freaking adorable. But also THAT PHOTO QUALITY. (Except for the photo that features her trying to lick the camera.) A true game changer, if I do say so myself. It really takes the pictures (and me, to be honest) to an extra level of extra. 

Speaking of extra, how about trying your hand at making your own lemon liqueur? Part recipe, part test of patience, and part arts and crafts, it's impossible to fail. And when you indulge in your hard (eh) work, enjoy it with a re-read of Bossypants. Between Tina Fey and the booze, you'll be giggling by the end.

limoncello bossypants.jpg