Tomato Soup, Exit West, and I Told You So

There are few things in life that give me less pleasure than saying a nice, juicy I told you so. I love being right, and I always have, but unfortunately, that love is not always reflective of my actual accuracy. Add that and my stubborn tendency to dig my feet in, even as I see my side losing, and you get the worst person to fight. Talking to me is fun!

 Even Daily liked it!

Even Daily liked it!

But there a few cases of me needing to employ I told you so's ugly twin sister: you were right. One of them was in the case of Laura v. Kindles. 

I was so, so against eBooks. I worked in a library during high school (a job I desperately wish I had appreciated more). I tried the nook, or whatever Barnes and Nobles's sad version was called. I bought a copy of Infinite Jest to read on my iPhone. But none of that did the trick for me. So, a verdict was passed: they sucked. 

I argued this until I was blue in the face, knowing with certainty that this time, I was actually right. I continued to buy real books, continued to call them real books (as opposed to fake books, yes I know), and most importantly of all, continued my campaign against Kindles. Then, last spring, I wandered into an Amazon store and picked one up. Gulp. The next day I skipped to the train, swiped a screen, and I haven't looked back. I was wrong. You were right, world. Kindles are actually great. 

Since I've been blogging and photographing the books I've been reading, I've been focusing on mostly hard and softcover paper editions (yes, I still want to call them real books). But it's time to 'fess up: I use a Kindle! And I like it! A lot! I read Exit West on my Kindle, and it was great. So there you go. Now shut up and go eat some tomato soup.