Hoagies, Murder on the Orient Express, and Solutions

It's the day before Thanksgiving. If you aren't prepping for the meal of the year or looking for a way to entertain yourself over break, hit me up, because how have you done it, you freak. If you're a normal human, today is the day you start considering the end of the world brought on by gluey mashed potatoes, an under-cooked turkey, and running out of wine. You also realize that you need to eat something before tomorrow rolls around of risk taking your hanger out on your guests. Maybe you've just considered how long of a flight home you have, how many hours you're spending in the car, and how many days you have to fill. 

Either way, today, I have nothing but solutions for you. Except for the turkey thing, for which my best advice is Google like the wind. Godspeed.

 Easy, peasy.

Easy, peasy.

If your oven is already on (and let's face it, it is), grab a cast iron skillet and make some super fast hoagies to fill your stomach with something comforting in the midst of all this stomach-turning cooking anxiety. With a nice cheesy hoagie in your tum, the thought of preparing a feast will suddenly seem a little more reasonable. And with Murder on the Orient Express to read (or listen to!) while you're in transit or in hiding, you're all set. 

Pre-Thanksgiving = conquered.