Sing, Unburied, Sing, Vegetable Lasagna, and Winners

I finished Sing, Unburied, Sing about 20 minutes before I got in the car, tuned in to NPR, and heard that it won the National Book Award for Fiction. I snorted to myself, like duh of course it won, and then proceeded to spread the word about how amazing of a book it was like it didn't just win an impressive award and was yet unknown. 

The truth is, this book recommendation came from Brian. I didn't even have the book prioritized before he told me I needed to read it, and as much as I hate to admit when other people were unabashedly right about something, he was right. This book is a winner, and not just because it literally won an award. It wins because it portrays a family struggling with a multitude of challenges faced by real families and because it manages to make those challenges rife with hope and magic and love all the same. And, you know, also because it won the National Book Award. Winner all the way around.

sing unburied sing and Lasagna.jpg

So, by the way, is this recipe for vegetable lasagna. If you think that this iconic dish of health has to have meat in it, well, you were wrong. And while you're cooking, you may as well listen to Ms. Ward's interview post-win. It's a gem.