Bagels, South and West, and Not Quite Getting There

I'm passionate about bagels. Really, bread of any sort. And yes, that includes beer. I could never imagine living a gluten-free lifestyle, and I pray every day that I don't have to go down that dark path. More power to you if you're on that journey. 


There are some times when I'm moved to desperation in my craving for carbs, and last week was one of them. We had no bagels in the house, it was 30 degrees and pouring, and I was getting ready to play the how fast can I run in my rainboots game (one that never ends well). But good guy Colin saved the day and proposed that we try to make bagels of our own instead. As you can see from this picture, they were wonky, misshapen, and definitely not something I would ever tweet out to Gordon Ramsay, but hey. They were bagels, they had lots of carbs, and they were lifesavers. Rest in carbs. 



Did those stop me from spending close to $30 on bagels from Steingold's Deli this weekend because my craving for an actual bagel had reared its head again? No they didn't. But I felt justified in that purchase because I am woman enough to admit that I know when I try and don't quite get there. 

And speaking of falling short, I don't know whether I did as a reader or Joan Didion did as a diarist, but man, was South and West a disappointment. Check out why in my first actually negative review since I started this blog.