Pizza, Short Stories, and Variations on a Theme

Once upon a time, I used to think that pizza was bad for you, and I refused to eat it except for the crust. Then, one day, my fairy godmother of Internet browsing sent me stumbling onto a picture of beautiful, thin crust pizza that takes less than an hour to make and actually isn't that bad for you. And I was really, really happy. Because I had pizza. Once a week. At least. Not kidding.


But then, I started to get a little bit bored with regular pizza. I wonder if maybe there wasn't another dish out there, something less normal, something a little more exotic, that I should be making instead. And then I went to the Lincoln Park Farmers' Market and had a pizza from Our House Pizza. And I died a little bit and went to pizza heaven. Then I came back to earth and made it a mission to recreate that pizza and figure out what made it so good. 

I'll save you the trouble that I went to and tell you the answer: what makes that pizza so good is how extraordinary an ordinary pizza has become. We've all had pizza (I hope).  But have we had pizza with squash, corn, and an egg creating a beautiful mess on charred mozzarella? Nope. It's reminiscent of a familiar food while being different, exciting, and memorable. And it's perfect. So you should go make it. And while you're at it, check out Tenth of Decemberwhich is full of ordinary things made magical.