That's me. Eating. 

Here are some things about me that you should know:

1. I cook all the time. The chance that I follow a recipe exactly are slim to none. One notable exception is the recipe for Baker's One Bowl Brownies. Because, hello, you don't screw with perfection.

2. I read. A lot. I try to keep a healthy mix of fiction, non-fiction, memoir, cookbooks, essays, and Harry Potter, and I always need suggestions for what's next. 

3. I am mom to two totally neurotic cats, Kitty and Daily. I love them so much I have paid more for their medical bills since my graduation than mine. This is a fact that worries me a little bit, but ultimately, I feel good about.

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That's pretty much it. Every once in a while, I go somewhere exciting, but mostly, I enjoy life from Chicago, where I transplanted myself from Pittsburgh two years ago. Check out the Pages, check out the Plates, and tell me what I should read and cook next!

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I love getting mail!
— Me, everyday when I was little, until I started getting bills.
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